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About me

My Story

My name is Jan and I have been running my own companies for the past two decades. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of running a business just like anyone else. Now, as I enter my fourth decade of life, I’ve decided to share some of the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I hope they will help others save time, money and energy.


Thanks to a lifetime of entrepreneurship, I have been able to travel much of the world and work with different cultures on a daily basis. From Asia to Latin America. One of my companies has reached 30 countries, mainly in Europe, America and Asia.

Like any entrepreneur, I saw inefficiencies in processes and tried to optimize them, whether by moving the company to the US or on a personal level by moving to Latin America. Latin America was an obvious decision for me for many reasons. One of them is the family in Latin America and also the greater freedom to live. This gives me a unique perspective on how to optimize certain processes and especially how to optimize my personal life as well. Every day has 24 hours and time well spent is a priority for me.

I am learning every day. But at my age, I think I can start sharing some of the life experiences I have been lucky enough to gain. For example, I can help you to find the right way to optimize your life to be more efficient, whether it be by moving to Latin America, where to start a company, how to optimize your living expenses or tax residency, and last but not least, how to think about protecting your “assets” in different environments and situations.

My passion for sport and health is a big part of my life and I have also been dedicating my time to the following topics that are part of my daily “bread”:


Private, fast and free transactions. Protection against geo-political risks. I’ll be happy to explain what bitcoin is and how it works. I will never offer you to buy any bitcoin from me. This is perhaps one of times you should pay attention. You can get bitcoin on your own.


Business productivity optimization by using apps and AI for everyday work and opening branches in other countries.


Travel hacks – I have traveled extensively for work, and have found ways to travel more effectively, easily. As I mentioned earlier, opening new markets requires constant travel. I was living on a plane and in different countries for 10 whole years. There were years where I was traveling 200-250 days a year.  With that amount of travel I managed to optimize some actions and created hacks on how to travel more effectively, easily.

Life optimization / Flag theory

Hand in hand with traveling and living everywhere and nowhere I realized that there is a need for global optimization of my life and that one country cannot compete with the offers that other countries can give you. Optimizing where to live, where to have a residence, where to pay taxes, where to have a company, where to have bank accounts, where to pay health insurance, etc…


With so many trips I experienced multiple incidents at many different levels. This led me to look into privacy and security. This encompasses not only security of operations, but also security of information. It is a very complex topic and I will try to share tips and tricks for physical and digital security and privacy too. Opsec is a topic I enjoy and it’s a hugely complex topic in relation to different locations.


Health optimization – this is a topic that is closely related to me. I will try to share how to stay fit, what health hacks are ideal to apply while traveling, what you should do every day, no matter where you are. Some gadgets that help you reach your goal, the right nutrition no matter if you are in Europe, USA or Latin America, etc.

In my blog, I will be sharing these optimizations and knowledge that I now use automatically. I am open to exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge. I believe that quality is more than quantity and I will try to write condensed blogs with valuable information.

Be strong


Main blog topics

Productivity & Business

where to start a company, how to use AI for your work, how to be more productive

Travel Hacks

cheaper and more efficient travel, how to travel with family and children, how to minimize jetlag and fatigue

Global Optimization

Residences, passports, tax residences, bank accounts, businesses, where to live and where to have a plan B…

Privacy & Security

physical and digital security, differences in different countries, what to watch out for, what not to reveal about yourself, how to behave online and how not to be a target in the physical or digital world.

Health Optimization

approach to an active lifestyle, tips on food and nutrients, sleep, training

Bitcoin and privacy payments

how to pay in a sovereign way, how to protect assets against geopolitical risks, what is the freedom to transact, and why bitcoin is sovereign and free money.