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Paraguay Residency

A Paraguay residency is the most easily accessible residence on the global market today. Obtaining temporary or permanent residence in Paraguay can subsequently lead to citizenship in Paraguay. As a Paraguayan resident, my team of Paraguayan lawyers and I can help you obtain Paraguay residency in a simple and quick way (a one-time 2-3 day visit to Asuncion). We will take care of everything for you.

Before you start reading this article I suggest to read what benefits it provides you.

Why Paraguay residency

Territorial taxation
No minimum stay
Easy access to citizenship
Crypto friendly
Bank anonymity
Plan B
Territorial taxation

Foreign income is not taxed at all, and local income is taxed at a flat rate of 10%.

No minimum stay

No minimum number of days must be spent annually to maintain residency. In case of temporary residency you must enter territory for 1 day each year. In case of permanent residency you have to enter territory for 1 day every 3 years.

Easy access to citizenship

A permanent resident may apply for a paraguayan passport after 3 years.

Crypto & capital friendly

Paraguay doesn’t tax your crypto gains or capital gains wealth (for companies outside Paraguay).

Bank anonymity

One of the last remaining sovereign nations is Paraguay. Paraguay never signed CRS (common reporting standard), their banking is opaque.

Plan B

It is always good to have a plan B in place. Have a second home and have a diversified set-up.

Six simple steps to obtain Paraguay residency:

Additional support / add-ons

Driving license

✅ We offer a service to organize driving license in Paraguay in no time after “cédula” is being issued to you.

Tax registration & assistance

✅ We can help you with registration to the Paraguayan tax office (SET). And help to receive tax identification number RUC.

✅ We offer service to file monthly tax documents with tax office.

Concierge service

✅ Proof of address for your various services…

✅ Post mail receival and related operations (re-send, scan, shred, etc…)

Weapon license

You can obtain weapon licenses and legally own a firearm. We can help you with the process of registration.

Bank account

We can advise you on what bank institution to select and advise you on setting up a bank account.

Mobile service operator

We can advice you on what options are on the market and what you might want to select.

Home country residency

If you are interested we can guide you on how to cancel your residency in your home country (that means you will still be citizen but not resident).
This step is not necessary (depends on your threat model why you want to have residency) but recommended if you want to get rid off unnecessary state social and health insurance payments.

Health insurance

We can advise you on what global health insurance options are on the market.

Simple process, we got you covered

Your own way

Spanish proficiency is required in order to communicate with government officials.

You are merely another application in a waiting list that might last 12 + months with many follow ups and governmental visits.

You must determine where to obtain, sign, and submit the necessary paperwork.

To make official appointments and do so in Spanish, you must either phone local numbers or find it online and later book.

There’s a high chance you might end up hiring a lawyer in Paraguay to help you with the process. Trust us in this one.

With our team

We speak Spanish fluently, and lawyer team is from Paraguay. We manage all the process locally in Paraguay with team of lawyers.

Your application is handled in fast track mode (fastest solution on the market).

When you arrive in Paraguay we will drive you to all offices and errands with our lawyer.

We have all documents ready and we have priority access to appointments. All can be done fast, even in 1 day. Time effective.

You are getting rid off headaches. Knowing local environment pays off and saves time and money.

If you still feel that you want to jump in the process alone you can follow this guide that we have put together. The whole process is no secret and it is written in 10 steps and if you have enough resilience, time and speaking spanish you can give it a try. All depends on you how much energy you want to dedicate to this process. Here is the complete guide to follow

If the process will sound too complicated we are here to help you and organize it for you within short time frame.

Palacio de los Lopez en Paraguay, Asuncion

Temporary Paraguay residency

Final price with all process costs and fees included

Fast track temporary residence (only 1 visit to Asuncion)

Cedula ID handled by us with Power of Attorney (no need for personal visit)

Access to knowledge-base with important information for residents

Access to invite-only community group

Suggestion on best accommodations (hotel or Airbnb)

Suggestions on great spots/restaurants in Asuncion

Suggestions for a mobile provider

Advice on right banking institutions and accounts

Free Asunción city guide

tailored one-on-one consultation

discount for families

option to pay in bitcoin

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