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Residence in Prospera (Honduras)

I will drop some information on how to get Prospera e-residency or physical residency. Please note, that there is a difference between e-residency and residency. Also it is important to note that Prospera is economic zone on the island of Roatan that belongs to Honduras. I will break down what benefits it might offer.

In general you can expect following. Below you will find information how to apply for Prospera e-residency and in second step we will look into Prospera physical residency. E-residency is simple to organize from your home. If you are more serious about finding the full time residency for yourself we will look into basics on how to apply for physical residency. 

What is Prospera? Próspera is a special economic zone on the island of Roatan, Honduras which aims to be a world-leading environment for doing business. Developed from the ground up by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.


What Prospera e-residency offers :


What Prospera physical residency offers :


Residency in Prospera (Roatan) may make sense for some. It is an easy option to obtain another residency. In the case of e-residency it is important to know that it has its own limits and is not a physical residence. It is definitely a solution to have physical residence in Prospera for those who want to live all year round in Prospera and participate in the creation of interesting start-ups. If you are looking for a Plan B I can see this option as a good solution for a Plan B of a Plan B. I honestly believe that residency in Paraguay is a better long term option as a primary plan and this solution can be great as a secondary plan (if your primary focus is not specifically Prospera full time living/business).

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